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Get in touch

Talk to any member of staff at the centre or phone us on:

Cashmore Early Years Centre
0117 353 4295

Barton Hill Settlement Family Centre
0117 955 6971

St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School
0117 977 6171

Wellspring Surgery
0117 955 7711

How We Work

worker-smallEvery family has a Family Worker. They are there to help you meet other people and make friends.

They can also signpost you to where to go for help with education, day care, employment, benefits, debt, housing, and employment and advise you on how and where to get support with a whole range of other issues such as domestic violence, alcohol and drug problems.

Every child at St Philip’s Nursery School Nursery School and Cashmore Early Years Centre has a Key Person. The Key Person gets to know your child really well. They work closely with a Family Worker at Barton Hill. In this way you get support from people who know you, care about the welfare of your children and want to help you as a family.

Cashmoore - 63The Key Person and the Family Worker form a partnership with your child (or children) and you. Working together in this way means you know who to go to for support, find out how your child is progressing at nursery and you don’t have to keep telling your story to lots of people in order to get the help that you need.

Who we are

  • Simon Holmes is the Headteacher of Barton Hill Children’s Centre, St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School and Cashmore Early Years Centre.
  • Denise Draper is the Deputy Head teacher and Inclusion Lead across all three sites.
  • Colin McFarlane is the Lead Teacher and offers support across all sites and to local child-minders and Barton Hill Settlement Family Centre.
  • Elaine Martin is the Family Centre Manager at Barton Hill Settlement Family Centre.

Each setting has a number of experienced staff, for more details please see individual websites.

Barton Hill Children’s Centre Advisory Board

The Barton Hill Children’s Centre Advisory Board is well represented from local community organisations and services.  These include parents, schools, adult education, health, housing, employment advice, the Police and a range of voluntary organisations who work in the community.

The Advisory Board advises the Centre on local priorities and needs and helps those responsible for running the Centre.  The Board meets quarterly at Barton Hill Settlement.

If you would like more information about the Advisory Board or Children’s Centre, please contact Simon Holmes at St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School.